Want to master your mind, boost your body & supercharge your soul?

Dynamic, highly interactive sessions on the themes of The Wellbeing Book can be customised for in-house delivery at your organization by the author. Whether you’d like want a one-day workshop for your department, a short talk as part of a corporate event or a tailored session for a team event or learning program, get in touch to find out more and discuss your specific needs.

Here’s some examples of how you might get involved:

Author talk

For groups of up to 50 people, covering why we need to consider our wellbeing from a different perspective and creating a framework for giving feedback that is considered, clear and actionable, plus top tips. Usually around 45 minutes plus time for Q&A, this fast-paced dynamic session is perfect for breakfast meetings, ‘Lunch & Learns’, team away-days, or as part of your CPD program.

Group workshops

For more in-depth team events or management development, from junior to senior levels, you can commission interactive and practical training workshops based on The Wellbeing Book, tailored to your group’s specific needs. All bespoke workshops include exercises and activities for your group, and each attendee will create their own Personal Wellbeing Action Plan. Delivered in a range of options including one-day workshops, a series of shorter sessions, and group or one-to-one personal coaching.


The author takes on a limited number of personal coaching clients each year, to a strict maximum of ten people. If this is something you’d like to discuss, just drop us a line.


We are proud to partner with many organizations around the globe on their safety, health & wellbeing culture, leadership and performance challenges. Here’s a selection of those we’ve been working with recently, we’d love for you to join them here.

Someone asked me this morning, ‘Have you got five minutes?’ I thought ‘no’ and said ‘yes.’ I get caught in the pattern and wonder where the time goes and how to break out of the cycle. The Wellbeing Book offers us the chance to take five, draw breath and find our way back to what makes us tick.
Phil James, Chief Executive, Institute of Leadership & Management

The Wellbeing Book cuts to the chase and delivers huge value. A small book yet a powerhouse of ideas, advice and action. Wellbeing is not a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s a total ‘must-have’ and Sharman helps you find exactly how to improve yours.
Carole Spiers, Chair of the International Stress Management Association